Simtipps 2016-04

The serenity of Peacehaven in Second Life



Graphics, Windlight, Art

Environmental Reflections:

Making Art

Windlight Tutorial


Simtipps 2016-03

The Trace:

Enjoying spring at The Trace in Second Life

The Mill

Playa Flamingo


Simtipps 2016-02

Return to an enchanted Cauldron in Second Life

Discovering The Keys in Second Life

Let it snow!

Steuerung des Avatars durch Gesten

Dieser Artikel beschreibt, wie man mit Kinect und weiteren Zutaten seinen Avatar inworld durch Gesten steuern kann.

Varregion with different terrain textures? Nope

A varregion has to use the same set of terrain textures everywhere – that’s what I learned from this post by Isis Ophelia. Several users say they found out that the regions take the last texture loaded.

To have different textures on region you can either use individual regions instead of var, or build the terrain with mesh.

Skye wieder

Heute in SL


Offsim objects

Miney wrote an overview on how to create offsim objects.

RoboGirl 0.1

An early version of a RoboGirl – from Jacques Offenbach’s 1881 opera “Tales of Hoffmann”: it is a tale about Olympia, an automaton created by the scientist Spalanzani, who introduces Olympia as his daughter.
Based on a story from E.T.A. Hoffmann that first appeared in 1816. So our ideas in 2014 are quite revolutionary ;-)
More about the opera and story here.

Don’t miss when Olympia starts to sing at 3:40 min. And at 6:18 you can even recognize a famous Second Life parody video:


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