Dings jetzt auch in Stefs Second Life Blog

Stef Wades Einladung, in seinem SL-Blog mitzuschreiben, habe ich gerne angenommen. Sein Konzept klingt gut (den Link habe ich schon länger in meiner Blogroll), und Stress scheint keiner damit verbunden zu sein. Den mache ich mir immer selbst. Nachdem ich mein ursprüngliches erstes Thema verworfen habe, berichte ich nun kurz über Kunst und Gallerien in Second Life.

With Smoo at Sky Deck

Exchanging ideas with a good friend. Great to meet nice people with cool ideas – SL is the place for this. BAANAAANAAAAS!
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Electronica heaven

JVonD Television took me around his cool Sky Deck Structure and showed me several platforms with different streams. Hey, that’s what I like!
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First snow this winter in RL. But here’s a view from the roof of my house in SL.
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Backing up Second Life? Go get a first one!

I must confess, I am irritated by the latest news about stability and service of our beloved trainwreck Second Life. Chaos and bugs that occured within the last months were annoying, but except for a few lost conversations, events and L$, they didn’t bother me much. However, the fact that a huge part of your property may be deleted during a sim crash is disturbing, to say the least, and it gets worse once you notice that there is a good chance of losing even more with a rollback of a crashed sim. Quite the opposite of what a rollback is supposed to do – so it’s best practice not to do it! If this does not lead to speculation on whether a backup of the Lindenservers is futile, or even completely neglected …
Well, maybe it’s time to get a first life. There are rumours that it’s free, does not crash, and has as many griefers and opportunities for gambling and obscenity as you possibly could wish. (Thanks to Kid37 for this link)

The Herald and Social Simulation

I was visiting Hyperborea, where the Second Life Herald has its residence, and where Mynci Gorky maintains the Social Simulation Research Lab, which is a “public hub of cyber-research resources”.
Reminded me of my time as a member of a research group on social simulation back in the 90s, which used a different methodological approach than social networks of real people in virtual reality though, namely computation and explanation of dynamics with interacting artificial agents, prominently cellular automata and similar approaches. Happy to find this in SL.

I took a capture of my tour. I used a new software to capture, CamStudio, which is free and OpenSource. I tried a handful of different capturing tools – either they were functionally limited or they produced such a heavy load on computer performance that it impaired control within the SL-client itself.

Since wordpress.com annoyingly fucks up the embedding-code for the video-hoster sevenload (whose service I recommend), here is the direct link:

Link: Dings’ video @ sevenload.com

Commercial media in SL

NZZ online berichtet über Medien und Verlage (Reuters, Springer, Wired, Bunch) in SL.

German creatives meeting

A meeting of german creatives and builders on Rilke. 300 people were listed for a building contest (famous german buildings), in the end only 3 of them actually contributed their work.
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Man spricht Deutsch

Mmh, let me guess … this is German? Yep, it’s the new German Eventhouse, with shops, games and presentations. For Germans. There are more of them each day, and not all speak English.
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The show must go on

The bride is late, let’s party while we wait
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