The Herald and Social Simulation

I was visiting Hyperborea, where the Second Life Herald has its residence, and where Mynci Gorky maintains the Social Simulation Research Lab, which is a “public hub of cyber-research resources”.
Reminded me of my time as a member of a research group on social simulation back in the 90s, which used a different methodological approach than social networks of real people in virtual reality though, namely computation and explanation of dynamics with interacting artificial agents, prominently cellular automata and similar approaches. Happy to find this in SL.

I took a capture of my tour. I used a new software to capture, CamStudio, which is free and OpenSource. I tried a handful of different capturing tools – either they were functionally limited or they produced such a heavy load on computer performance that it impaired control within the SL-client itself.

Since annoyingly fucks up the embedding-code for the video-hoster sevenload (whose service I recommend), here is the direct link:

Link: Dings’ video @


  1. I saw that Get a First Life site a couple of days ago ROFL… ‘Fornicate using your actual genitals’ … no Xcite! here.

  2. It seems, the Lindens refuse to “to submit a cease-and-desist letter“.