Backing up Second Life? Go get a first one!

I must confess, I am irritated by the latest news about stability and service of our beloved trainwreck Second Life. Chaos and bugs that occured within the last months were annoying, but except for a few lost conversations, events and L$, they didn’t bother me much. However, the fact that a huge part of your property may be deleted during a sim crash is disturbing, to say the least, and it gets worse once you notice that there is a good chance of losing even more with a rollback of a crashed sim. Quite the opposite of what a rollback is supposed to do – so it’s best practice not to do it! If this does not lead to speculation on whether a backup of the Lindenservers is futile, or even completely neglected …
Well, maybe it’s time to get a first life. There are rumours that it’s free, does not crash, and has as many griefers and opportunities for gambling and obscenity as you possibly could wish. (Thanks to Kid37 for this link)

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