Phorkyad Acropolis

wtf, Phorkyad Acropolis with a zappa-esque poetry-performance. Good to be here.
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National Space Society

Well, this one is huge as well – whatever it is. Can you spot me – the dot at the bottom of the pic. Some things to explore here on the sim of the National Space Society.
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Another big ship

It is the SS Galaxy, mainly entertainment as far as I could see: parties, concerts, malls. It is huge – it spreads over three sims.
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Piano music in the air (at Nitida Ridge)

There is a video on Youtube with the music of Kourosh Eusebio playing at Nitida Ridge, the perfectly crafted venue by my friend Bree Birke.

Kourosh has a website with a lot more to find out.

Smily Raymaker @ Gardens of Bliss

I am glad I made it to the last songs of the show (and again, one could hear her cell phone – how pure is that – I love it.)
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Gomem is throwing an impromptu New Year’s Party

Gomem, Ri, Crap and Hedgie there. Happy New Year
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