I’m so happy

Without words
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RoseDrop Rust

What a great show of RoseDrop Rust at Woodstock. That guy is entertaining as well as deep. He can raise a whole sim from the ground just by meditation or intention :)
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The Lounge at EOLUS

The Lounge here is a great venue. They always have the finest musicians in SL on stage. Tonight Cylindrian Rutabaga and my friend Slim Warrior are performing.
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Cool Jazz @ Jazzbarrage in SL

Live video broadcast from Zurich Jam’s Sessions. Whoever was playing. Great music. I love Jazz!
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Call for ecology action – delete trash from your inventory

Take some time, check out the trash in your inventory – and delete it. This will make your inventory load faster, better accessible, and the grid working better. Imagine thousands of Avatars deleting hundreds of “Floating text”-Scripts, outdated landmarks and never used freebies. Here is the call for action and a lot more tips. Let’s make the grid better!

Noma Falta rocks SL

This woman rocks – blues, electric guitar, great voice.
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Jazz @ Ir Shalom

Great venue here at Ir Shalom. Coda Cazalet doing some fine Jazz, and the people here are wearing tags saying “I had Sax with Coda”.
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