Calatrava in SL?

on one of the slb5 sims
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Alles so bunt hier

I am at the Garden of NPIRL Delights, though Rezzable’s website ( says it is closed to the public since yesterday. Let’s see what I can find.
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SLB5 – Second Life’s 5th birthday

The central stage is on 4 sims ( Slim Warrior performing), still it lags as we all know it :) There seems to be a total of 20 Sims for SLB5.
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Bee hive on Moon World

Wow, this is a project – the Bee Side of the Moon. A bit mysterious since their is no info on what this is supposed to be. A huge construction in the sky, inside it is all yellow, like honey, with a stage and a bar. I read in the profile of the cook something about a human colony on the moon. It is a russian project of peiople who seem to run some business in SL already. I would like to see what they have on the ground, but it is not possible to get there right now.
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Fucking up Route 1

Do you see? That’s what I meant – while passing on a bridge with my motorcycle, the route didn’t rezz in time altough I didn’t speed fast, and I ended undersea. I tried to make fun of it and accelerated, when suddenly I made a jump. But I was stuck in the air since I was about to cross a sim border to a sim that was full. Ok. But personally I see constantly floating motorcycles in the sunset as a kind of harm to the environment :-)
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church @ route 1

Hey, I have here been before, I think there is a blog post on that somewhere.

Ah, here it is, from one and a half years ago.

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Route 1

With my SuperCar on Route 1, that is announced to be extended. I want to find out where it will go. Though I don’t really get the concept of routes in SL, especially since each and every vehicle I tested, sucked. Plus … you all know sim-crossing-fun.
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