Va pensiero

As I have seen the ISS three times this week crossing our night sky I went to SL to search for one of my older LMs – The International Spaceflight Museum. Fun, and weird, to see a document of time spent – or wasted – in a virtual world.


And yes, the place is still there. I haven’t been there for years, but I always had in my mind to go back there and revoke memories of times when things were magical and people were nice and enthusiastic. Et voilà, there it is, in all its awesomeness.


A fitting coincidence is that I spoke to Smiley Raymaker earlier tonight through chat. I would so love to hear her again. Two years ago at the Entschleunigt Café we were happy to have her on stage. And I am happy to have met ArrowAndBow again, Entschleunigt’s manager, two weeks ago.

In Craft World they had a fun tropical party tonight, with “S.O.S.” in huge letters written on the beach. But I forgot to take a picture, which otherwise really would fit here very well.

Instead, here is a picture of a nice, warm, welcoming shelter. It is on Caprice Hills on the sim Caverns of Aleval in SL. Houses like that speak to the heart and the soul – mental and emotional nourishment for human beings.


After that I went to the Ger Y Li Midweek Ball that Yavanna Lanfair hosts for, like, ages. Which is great. Great as the sea that keeps washing to our shores or the moon that keeps lighting the night. I am glad Yavanna’s place is there. And when I arrived DJane Jaelle played Glenn Gould’s rendition of a Bach piece – another coincidence, since it is an essential nutrition component for my spirits.


So … what a happy day. There were tons of things happening. For instance, I had a pleasant conversation in a midsize industry workshop about stainless steel sheet metal and stuff, which was awesome. At the end of the day I invaded a friends garden, wrote this text and enjoyed myself.


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