Apartment 3b – 100% made of prims

Apartment 3b by SarahGantt, Region Offbeat in SL

This is the most awesome piece in the multiverse for me right now. I have to go here everytime I log into SL. It feels like home (though my flat is a tiny bit more orderly – well, just a tiny bit, and maybe that vanity aspect adds to the feelgood momentum).

Another reason I feel at home is that there seldom is someone around – what I like best. So please stay away and hunt for aliens or sex or business or whichever bright stuff you usually do.

I admire this building because of so many reasons, so many good ideas and it all adds up to this human touch I see in all these details. And I believe it is a humorous touch, too.

One aspect is the fun play with realistic modelling of meatworld things (there is so much to discover here). And once you bought the idea the result has an appeal in itself. It even lets me entertain the thought that being in old school real world could be a nice enjoyable thing (a thought, I know, the occasional reader from teh internets shies away from in horror).