Kyle Beltran live @ Meatspace Lounge

Kyle Beltran (Kyle Bronsdon) played live tonite at Meatspace lounge. Great humour and Jazz Music. Ckeck out
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Inn Box DJing in Scion City

The nice Inn Box has many talents, and tonite she showed another one: DJing in a cool and rainy urban environment. Nice set!
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Neue Second Life Grafik

Ein Video aus Second Life in der neuen WindLight-Optik, die man derzeit mit dem optionalen First Look Viewer genießen kann und die demnächst in den Standard-Client integriert wird: Link zum Video (dasselbe auf YouTube).

Dedric Mauriac hat seine Erfahrungen inworld gebloggt.

Wie man seinen Viewer grafisch optimiert erklärt Torley Linden hier.

Smily Raymaker

How could I have missed Smily Raymakers concerts till now?! She has a brilliant, wonderful, lovely voice and plays guitar. Plus: you could hear her mobile phone and her bottle of water. If that ain’t live :-)
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New Search in SL Client Version 1.18.5

Der Release Candidate der version 1.18.5 ist da und enthält eine neue Suchfunktion. Die bisherige ist ja mittlerweile so gut wie unbrauchbar. Informationen dazu (mit einem Video) auf dem offiziellen Linden Blog.

Meditating on Sky Deck

Me meditating (in fact: camping) on Sky Deck, 230 meters up in the Sky. Thanks to JVonD.
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Sky Deck on SoHo

JVonD has moved his Sky Deck to SoHo. Sky Deck is one of the coolest structures in SL and is streaming electronic music all day long. I always liked it and am glad it has moved to one of my favorite Sims. I have good memories having a chat there with Smooda Mastroiani. Today I met the fantastic Inn Box from Switzerland and Jennifer Simoni from Chicago
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