New Features in new SL viewer

Besides stuff, that is more of a technical nature, here are some new features of the official viewer 1.12.6 that everyone may get in contact with:

Excerpt from the Wiki:
– Support for Friendship offers to include 1 line of freeform text to allow requester to clarify their request
– Allow inventory to be dropped onto IM windows
– Pop open the Inventory window when you receive new inventory items.
* NOTE: You can turn this off in Preferences > Popups tab
– Add the preference “Turn off typing animation when chatting” to Edit > Preferences > Text Chat
– Add Time Stamp to Parcel Object List

Nekkid jump with a parachute

Nekkid with a parachute
Since BlogHud seems to have eaten the first post, I have to edit this after-post:
Sunday was my rezzday, so I did have to jump nekkid from the sky, a habit of which I learned from dandellion Kimban on Plurk. I went to the SkyDive on Podcast Island, which is out of order, so I flew up 300 meters and then fell down 200 meters before the parachute opened.

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JueL Resistance – Indie Folk

Good that she is still around. Can’t recall how many times I listened to her. Though I missed her, like a lot of stuff, for months. She belongs to SL for me.
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Burning Life and Oktoberfest

Been to Burning Life, but lag was unbearable there, and scripts were not allowed so I couldn’t blog. Now I am at Oktoberfest in Munich SL – so at least I made it virtually there, thinking of my RL friends in RL Munich.
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